Kayleigh learned the craft of photography from an early age while on the road with her father, a travel and outdoors photographer. She still loves capturing far away landscapes, but does most of her shooting these days closer to her home in Portland, Oregon.

Kayleigh specializes in capturing brands with an eye for clean styling and natural light that showcase a brand’s image with warmth and authenticity. She is experienced in transforming a brand’s vision into imagery and enjoys shooting bright, minimal images as well as rustic, homey scenes. Her stop motion animations bring life to a scene and make for eye-catching vignettes for web and social media. She is also an experienced animal and pet photographer, and often incorporates her cat, Bisou, into her images. When Kayleigh isn’t behind the camera, she enjoys cooking with the vegetables she grows in her garden, road trips with her husband and writing her blog, Oh Honey.

Kayleigh’s clients and partners include Stash Tea, Tillamook Creamery, A Beautiful Mess, Cedar & Moss, Franz Bakery, Stainmaster, Tabby James and Siamese Social Club.